publications in reversed chronological order.


  1. NeurIPS
    HeadSculpt: Crafting 3D Head Avatars with Text
    Xiao Han, Yukang Cao, Kai Han, Xiatian Zhu, Jiankang Deng, Yi-Zhe Song, Tao Xiang, and Kwan-Yee K Wong
    In NeurIPS 2023
  2. ICCV
    Holistic Label Correction for Noisy Multi-Label Classification
    Xiaobo XiaJiankang Deng, Wei Bao, Yuxuan Du, Bo Han, Shiguang Shan, and Tongliang Liu
    In ICCV 2023
  3. ICCV
    ALIP: Adaptive Language-Image Pre-Training with Synthetic Caption
    Kaicheng Yang, Jiankang DengXiang An, Jiawei Li, Ziyong Feng, Jia GuoJing Yang, and Tongliang Liu
    In ICCV 2023
  4. ICCV
    Controllable Person Image Synthesis with Pose-Constrained Latent Diffusion
    Xiao Han, Xiatian Zhu, Jiankang Deng, Yi-Zhe Song, and Tao Xiang
    In ICCV 2023
  5. ICCV
    Adaptive Spiral Layers for Efficient 3D Representation Learning on Meshes
    Francesca Babiloni, Matteo Maggioni, Thomas Tanay, Jiankang Deng, Ales Leonardis, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In ICCV 2023
  6. ICCV
    TransFace: Calibrating Transformer Training for Face Recognition from a Data-Centric Perspective
    Jun Dan, Yang Liu, Haoyu Xie, Jiankang Deng, Haoran Xie, Xuansong Xie, and Baigui Sun
    In ICCV 2023
  7. ICCV
    DiffTAD: Temporal Action Detection with Proposal Denoising Diffusion
    Sauradip Nag, Xiatian Zhu, Jiankang Deng, Yi-Zhe Song, and Tao Xiang
    In ICCV 2023
  8. ICCV
    Spatio-temporal Prompting Network for Robust Video Feature Extraction
    Guanxiong Sun, Chi Wang, Zhaoyu Zhang, Jiankang DengStefanos Zafeiriou, and Yang Hua
    In ICCV 2023
  9. CVPR
    FitMe: Deep Photorealistic 3D Morphable Model Avatars
    In CVPR 2023
  10. CVPR (Highlight)
    Improving Fairness in Facial Albedo Estimation via Visual-Textual Cues
    Xingyu Ren, Jiankang Deng, Chao Ma, Yichao Yan, and Xiaokang Yang
    In CVPR 2023
  11. CVPR
    Regularization of polynomial networks for image recognition
    Grigorios Chrysos, Bohan Wang, Jiankang Deng, and Volkan Cevher
    In CVPR 2023
  12. ICLR
    DamoFD: Digging into Backbone Design on Face Detection
    Yang Liu, Jiankang Deng, Fei Wang, Lei Shang, Xuansong Xie, and Baigui Sun
    In ICLR 2023
  13. ICLR
    Unicom: Universal and Compact Representation Learning for Image Retrieval
    Xiang AnJiankang Deng, Kaicheng Yang, Jaiwei Li, Ziyong Feng, Jia GuoJing Yang, and Tongliang Liu
    In ICLR 2023
  14. AAAI (Oral)
    Domain-general Crowd Counting in Unseen Scenarios
    Zhipeng Du, Jiankang Deng, and Miaojing Shi
    In AAAI 2023
  15. TPAMI
    Linear Complexity Self-Attention with 3rd Order Polynomials
    Francesca Babiloni, Ioannis Marras, Jiankang Deng, Filippos Kokkinos, Matteo Maggioni, Grigorios Chrysos, Philip Torr, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    TPAMI 2023
  16. TPAMI
    Extended T: Learning with Mixed Closed-set and Open-set Noisy Labels
    Xiaobo XiaBo HanNannan WangJiankang Deng, Jiatong Li, Yinian Mao, and Tongliang Liu
    TPAMI 2023
  17. TPAMI
    EDFace-Celeb-1 M: Benchmarking Face Hallucination with a Million-scale Dataset
    Kaihao Zhang, Dongxu Li, Wenhan Luo, Jingyu Liu, Jiankang DengWei Liu, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    TPAMI 2023
  18. TPAMI
    WebFace260M: A Benchmark for Million-Scale Deep Face Recognition
    Zheng Zhu, Guan Huang, Jiankang Deng, Yun Ye, Junjie Huang, Xinze Chen, Jiagang Zhu, Tian Yang, Dalong Du, Jiwen Lu, and Jie Zhou
    TPAMI 2023


  1. NeurIPS
    Physically-Based Face Rendering for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
    Yunqi Miao, Alexandros LattasJiankang Deng, Jungong Han, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In NeurIPS 2022
  2. ECCV
    Long-tailed Instance Segmentation using Gumbel Optimized Loss
    Kostas Alexandridis, Jiankang Deng, Anh Nguyen, and Shan Luo
    In ECCV 2022
  3. ECCV
    Augmenting Deep Classifiers with Polynomial Neural Networks
    Grigorios Chrysos, Markos Georgopoulos, Jiankang Deng, Jean Kossaif, Yannis Panagakis, and Anima Anandkumar
    In ECCV 2022
  4. ECCV
    MimicME: A Large Scale Diverse 4D Database for Facial Expression Analysis
    Athanasios PapaioannouBaris GecerShiyang ChengGrigorios ChrysosJiankang Deng, Eftychia Fotiadou, Christos Kampouris, Dimitrios Kollias, Stylianos Moschoglou, Kritaphat Songsri-In, Stylianos Ploumpis, George Trigeorgis, Panagiotis Tzirakis, Evangelos VerverasYuxiang Zhou, Allan Ponniah, Anastasios Roussos, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In ECCV 2022
  5. CVPR
    Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Efficient and Robust Training of Face Recognition CNNs by Partial FC
    Xiang AnJiankang DengJia Guo, Ziyong Feng, XuHan Zhu, Jing Yang, and Tongliang Liu
    In CVPR 2022
  6. CVPR
    Decoupled Multi-task Learning with Cyclical Self-Regulation for Face Parsing
    Qingping Zheng, Jiankang DengZheng Zhu, Ying Li, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In CVPR 2022
  7. CVPR
    MogFace: Towards a Deeper Appreciation on Face Detection
    Yang Liu, Fei Wang, Jiankang Deng, Zhipeng Zhou, Baigui Sun, and Hao Li
    In CVPR 2022
  8. ICLR
    Sample and Computation Redistribution for Efficient Face Detection
    Jia GuoJiankang DengAlexandros Lattas, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    ICLR 2022
  9. TPAMI
    ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
    In TPAMI 2022
  10. TPAMI
    Deep Polynomial Neural Networks
    TPAMI 2022


  1. ICCV
    Gait recognition in the wild: A benchmark
    Zheng Zhu, Xianda Guo, Tian Yang, Junjie Huang, Jiankang Deng, Guan Huang, Dalong Du, Jiwen Lu, and Jie Zhou
    In ICCV 2021
  2. ICCV
    Poly-NL: Linear Complexity Non-local Layers With 3rd Order Polynomials
    Francesca Babiloni, Ioannis Marras, Filippos Kokkinos, Jiankang DengGrigorios Chrysos, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In ICCV 2021
  3. CVPR
    Variational Prototype Learning for Deep Face Recognition
    In CVPR 2021
  4. CVPR
    Ostec: One-shot Texture Completion
    Baris GecerJiankang Deng, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In CVPR 2021
  5. CVPR
    WebFace260M: A Benchmark Unveiling the Power of Million-scale Deep Face Recognition
    Zheng Zhu, Guan Huang, Jiankang Deng, Yun Ye, Junjie Huang, Xinze Chen, Jiagang Zhu, Tian Yang, Jiwen Lu, Dalong Du, and Jie Zhou
    In CVPR 2021


  1. NeurIPS
    Dual T: Reducing Estimation Error for Transition Matrix in Label-noise Learning
    NeurIPS 2020
  2. ECCV
    Sub-center ArcFace: Boosting Face Recognition by Large-scale Noisy Web Faces
    In ECCV 2020
  3. ECCV
    Synthesizing Coupled 3D Face Modalities by Trunk-branch Generative Adversarial Networks
    In ECCV 2020
  4. CVPR
    RetinaFace: Single-shot Multi-level Face Localisation in the Wild
    In CVPR 2020
  5. CVPR
    GP-NAS: Gaussian Process based Neural Architecture Search
    Zhihang Li, Teng Xi, Jiankang Deng, Gang Zhang, Shengzhao Wen, and Ran He
    In CVPR 2020
  6. CVPR
    P-Nets: Deep Polynomial Neural Networks
    In CVPR 2020


  1. CVPR (Oral)
    ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
    Jiankang DengJia GuoNiannan Xue, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In CVPR 2019
  2. CVPR
    Dense 3D Face Decoding over 2500FPS: Joint Texture & Shape Convolutional Mesh Decoders
    Yuxiang ZhouJiankang DengIrene Kotsia, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In CVPR 2019
  3. IJCV
    The Menpo Benchmark for Multi-pose 2D and 3D Facial Landmark Localisation and Tracking
    IJCV 2019
  4. TPAMI
    Side Information for Face Completion: a Robust PCA Approach
    TPAMI 2019


  1. CVPR
    UV-GAN: Adversarial Facial UV Map Completion for Pose-invariant Face Recognition
    In CVPR 2018
  2. AAAI (Oral)
    Informed Non-convex Robust Principal Component Analysis with Features
    In AAAI 2018