Jiankang Deng


I am currently a vision researcher at the Noah’s Ark London lab and an honorary lecturer at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.

My recent research explores (1) multi-modality foundation models, focusing on perceiving, understanding, modeling, and replicating complex human intelligence, and (2) generative modeling of the physical world, aiming at synthesizing scalable and reliable digital twins of real-world entities. My research is at the intersection of computer vision and practical applications, striving to pioneer transformative technologies for social benefit.

Previously, I obtained my Ph.D.(2020) from the IBUG group under the supervision of Prof. Stefanos Zafeiriou. My doctoral research focused on deep face analysis and modeling, encompassing efficient geometry estimation, robust feature embedding, and photorealistic texture modeling. I developed algorithms and systems (InsightFace.ai) to capture, represent, and synthesize diverse human faces with high efficiency, robustness, and fidelity. Additionally, I worked in the field of visual representation learning and won many visual perception challenges (e.g., ImageNet and ActivityNet) in the past years.

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Jul 1, 2024 5 papers accepted by ECCV 2024. Congrats to all co-authors!
Feb 26, 2024 8 papers accepted by CVPR 2024. Congrats to all co-authors!
Feb 1, 2024 Welcome to Face Anti-spoofing Challenge @ CVPR 2024.
Jan 10, 2024 I will serve as the area chair for ICML 2024.
Dec 30, 2023 We released the 3rd edition of Handbook of Face Recognition.
Oct 15, 2023 Welcome to AI for Digital Human Workshop @ AAAI 2024.
Oct 1, 2023 Welcome to View Synthesis Challenge for Human Heads @ ICCV 2023.
Jun 1, 2023 Welcome to Face Anti-spoofing Challenge @ CVPR 2023.
May 12, 2023 I will serve as the area chair for CVPR 2024.