Jiankang Deng


Jiankang Deng is currently a senior research scientist and principal engineer at Huawei London research center. He obtained his PhD degree (2020) from the IBUG group, supervised by Prof. Stefanos Zafeiriou and funded by the prestigious Imperial President’s PhD Scholarship. He has been working in the field of deep face analysis (e.g., efficient geometry estimation, photorealistic texture modelling, and robust feature embedding) with particular interests in building real-world working systems (e.g., InsightFace.ai and Facesoft.io). He also won many visual perception challenges (e.g., ImageNet and ActivityNet) in the past years.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for an internship,a full-time job or a PhD position.

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Jul 10, 2022 InsightFace achieved 1st place in the ECCV 2022 WCPA Challenge.

selected publications

  1. RetinaFace: Single-shot Multi-level Face Localisation in the Wild
    In CVPR 2020
  2. ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
    Jiankang DengJia GuoNiannan Xue, and Stefanos Zafeiriou
    In CVPR 2019